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Conservation Projects and Research

Our research and conservation projects are supported by Timbo Afrika Foundation and are aimed at various subjects.

  1. Leopard research
    TIMBO AFRIKA has supported successfully a number of projects in South Africa related to nature conservation and social support.

    In particular their last project ”FURS FOR LIVE”, in cooperation with Panthera, related to developing artificial leopard skin, has due to their research strongly influenced the hunting permit systems/laws with as an end result a total ban for now in South Africa on hunting leopards. This initself has had a major positive impact on the leopard population in South Africa. The culmination of its success is the just released documentary “To skin a cat” on the Durban International Film Festival 2016.

    Our current research project in Botswana is intended to extend this success into Botswana whereby in the core the Kwa Tuli Reserve a large number of cameras has been set up. The data gathered will show the extend of the leopard population and its territorial patterns as well as the interaction with the other large predators in our area such as lions and brown and spotted hyena.
  2. Human-Wildlife Conflict
    As our reserve borders communal land, often elephants and predators wander into the fields of the local farmers. Our research is aimed at identifying the various species and, in case of some predators and elephants, individuals who tend to cause damage. At the same time we try to implement the best cause of action for preventing such damage.

    Our first steps are to set up a bee project guided by our research coordinator. Bee hives are being constructed and placed on farm fields as a deterrent to elephants in close cooperation with the local farmers.
  3. Introduction of Sable antelope
    This magnificent antelope used to roam the vast areas in Botswana and is mostly extinct in the Tuli Block. Our aim is to re-introduce this species.

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