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Within our team we have realized a long time ago that sustainable tourism requires a strong participation of local communities and we believe that development of local communities requires a strong participation of local tourism operators. Only in such a strong cooperation will we be able to achieve long term goals for prosperity of local communities and long term protection of large nature conservancies.

Although we strive for being in remote areas, we do not wish to operate in isolation.

In our project set-up therefore, our operating company Terra Conservancy Operations, a full subsidiary of Timbo Afrika Foundation in The Netherlands, not only trains local people for jobs in every aspect of the hospitality industry, but also supports local entrepreneurs in setting up their businesses, helps finding (international) markets for their products and motivates people to look after their habitat. Also a skills transfer program for local technicians has been set up, allowing them to improve on building, plumbing and carpentry quality.

From a social point of view, as we believe education is the most important aspects for generating a better future, we are proud to support a local school and have our own education centre for training people in nature conservation jobs and anti-poaching operations.

In particular anti poaching is an unfortunate aspect of nature conservation and we work very closely with the Botswana Government to establish such operations and have to that effect donated a patrolling aircraft monitoring and ground to air communications.


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