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The Koro River Camp experience is aimed at showing you the wild and undisturbed environment we’re privileged to access.  We want you to have wildlife encounters that leave a lasting impression and open your mind to the history and diversity of the area, transporting you to a time when ancient civilizations lived in symbiotic harmony with the wildlife.

Depending on your interests, we’ll take you on walks through the bush, sometimes following the river, sometimes exploring the natural springs, or climbing koppies in search of rock art. Some walks depart from camp, some from further afield.  As well as tracking leopards and hyenas we’ll show you the intricacy of an eco-system at work, the secret world of birds and a treasure trove of plants and, in season, spectacular wild flowers. Truly adventurous guests can arrange to sleep under the stars at a wilderness location in the reserve – the ultimate luxury in this vast reserve.

If absolute exclusivity is important to you, you can book a guide to exclusively tailor your activities for the duration of your stay.  Tell us about your special interests in advance and we’ll do our best to accommodate them; whether it’s tracking a particular animal, twitching a certain bird, or taking magnificent photos, we will make the time and specialists available to you!

For our corporate guests it would be our privilege to assist you with arranging the right motivational speakers or leadership courses; experience has taught us that our environment lends itself to getting extraordinary results. We do require sufficient notice though in order to make sure we can accommodate your group.


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